What Is The Difference Between Pre-Qualified and Pre-Approved Credit Card Offers?


Many banks in the US have started sending out Pre-Qualified or Pre-Approved offers to eligible users in order to make the credit card application process easy and straightforward.

These two terms are used interchangeably and when customers receive any one of these, they don’t normally jump into exploring the differences between them.

That makes sense because both, pre-qualified and pre-approved offers mean that the bank or credit card lender checked out your credit report and thought you matched their criteria of becoming a credit cardholder.

The basic information that lenders take into account is often the same for both of these mail offers. But is there any difference? Let us check it out.

What Pre-Qualified Offer means?

The qualification process typically just considers your credit score. Therefore, a pre-qualified offer actually means that the lender had a look at your score and thought that you should apply for a credit card.

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What Pre-Approved Offer means?

Pre-approved offers take into account more than just credit scores. Such mail offers target customers that fit into specific criteria such as good credit utilization ratio, good credit history, etc.

Pre-Qualified offers and Pre-Approved Offers – What They Don’t


Although receiving such mail offers is a perk, because your application for a credit card would be extremely easy but neither a pre-qualified offer nor pre-approved offer guarantees acceptance of your credit card request.

They mean that the bank considers you to be an appropriate candidate and wishes to check whether you need a credit card or not. If you respond to the mail offer, a more thorough background check will be performed, and it is possible that your application is rejected.

Should You Respond to Pre-Qualified/ Pre-Approved offers?

You will get such offers in your mails even when you have not considered getting a credit card. It is up to you to choose if you want one or not.

However, if you were thinking of getting some plastic for your wallet, this might be a good chance. You simply need to visit the respective official site and provide them with details given to you in the mail offer. The application would take less than 2 minutes!

Surprisingly, some customers worry that pre-approved or pre-qualified offers hurt their credit score. Not true!

Since this is a soft inquiry, it would not affect your credit score in any way. A soft inquiry does show up on your credit report, but it is only a hard inquiry that affects FICO score in the long run.