A Complete Guide to Start Online Stock Trading


Online stock trading requires investment to start a trading career. Since it is about your money, you must know about the market because starting to trade stocks without possessing sufficient knowledge about the market, will mean you will never make money. It is recommended that all the traders follow the basic guideline to improve the confidence level and improve the trading skills.

A guide to start online stock trading

This article will show you a complete guide to start your career as a stock retailer.

1.Select a skilled online broker

Choosing an online broker seems to be the most challenging part for a trader to start trading. In this step, you will have to carefully search for a premium broker because hundreds of scams or fake brokers in the stock market will take away money from you, giving you nothing in return. To avoid such type of situation, you should check for his previous history, success rate, commission fees, experience, and so on. You can find skilled brokers after conducting solid research.

2.Which stocks for trading

After selecting the broker, you need to buy the stocks. At this stage, you may feel confused because choosing the stock will determine your success in the long run. If you are new in this field, it will be a good choice to start with the exchange-traded funds because it will allow the traders to buy multiple stocks at a time. Visit this page to learn more about the professional trading environment. Soon you will realize how traders in the Mena region are taking trades in the major stocks.

3.The right trade

Let us assume that you have chosen a stock to trade, and now it is time to place the trades. The most basic types of trade orders are – limit orders and market orders. Market orders execute the trade when the market reaches the best price for your products, while the limit orders don’t execute the trade quickly, instead, the limit order will give you control over your price. With this type, you may place a stop-loss order to control your profit and loss.

4.The cost for trading stocks

Expenses are one of the greatest foes of online stock trading. Unnecessary expenses don’t let the retailers succeed. One of the most common expenses is the commission fee. Your broker demands these fees when you buy your stocks. However, in some cases, if you buy an individual stock via your broker, then he won’t charge the commission fees. In this way, you can cut off this expense. On the other hand, for other types of investments, you have to balance the expenses ratio.

5.Realizing the trading stocks and tax bills

If you want to be a trader, you have to understand the tax rules as well. This is a must if you want to be a full-time trader in online stock trading. These taxes are known as capital gains taxes. Generally, a retailer has to pay more taxes when he wants to hold his stock for less than a year, but he has to pay less if he wants to hold the stock over a year. The structure of tax is based on the amount of money investing for the longer-term. In addition to this, when you sell your stocks for a greater profit, the tax bill will increase, and when you sell the stock at a loss, the tax bill will reduce.

6.Trade the stock

Now it is time to be careful. When you are placing the trade, you need to fund your broker by transferring money. Once the funds settle, you have to select the stock you wish to trade with. After that, pick the type of the order, and place it.

Once you place your order, you have to wait and observe the market. You may wait for a few minutes, hours, days, or even weeks. You have to make sure that you find the perfect time to execute the order.


This is the complete guide to online stock trading, which will be very helpful for people who want to become online retailers.